• Appetizers


    1.  Age Dashi Tofu
    Fried tofu served with bonito flakes and tempura sauce
    2.  Beef Neigimaki
    Thinly sliced beef rolled with scallion, topped with teriyaki sauce
    3.  Chicken Kara Age
    Japanese style deep fried chicken
    4.  Edamame(Original/Spicy)
    Japanese young soybean
    5.  Gyoza
    Pan fried pork dumpling
    6.  Umi French Fries
    Parmesan cheese and truffle sea salt
    7.  Hiyayako
    Cold tofu served with soy sauce, scallion, and bonito flakes
    8.  Hamachi Kama
    Grilled yellowtail jaw wth ponzu sauce on the side
    9.  Kaki Fried
    Japanese style fried oyster served with katsu sauce
    10.  Fried Calamari
    Japanese style deep fried squid
    11.  Nasu Shigiyaki
    Grilled eggplant with sweet miso paste and sesame seeds
    12.  Shrimp Shumai
    Japanese style steam dumpling
    13.  Wasabi Shumai
    Japanese style steam pork dumpling with horse radish
    14.  Surume Ika
    Grilled squid with ginger sauce
    15.  Soft Shell Crab
    Japanese style deep fried soft shell crab
    16.  Tempura Appetizer
    Lightly battered deep fried shrimp and vegetable
    17.  Vegetable Tempura
    Lightly battered deep fried assorted vegetables
    18.  Vegetable Gyoza
    Pan fried Japanese vegetable dumpling
    19.  Yajitori
    Japanese skewer; comes in two
    Chicken and Vegetables
    Bacon and Asparagus
    Beef, Onion & Scallion
    Shiitake Mushroom