• SOUP
    1.  Miso Soup
    Soybean paste soup with tofu, scallion, and seaweed
    2.  Clear Soup
    Clear broth with mushroom, fried onion, and scallion
    3.  Yasai Tofu Soup
    Vegetable and tofu in clear broth
    4.  Tonjiru Soup
    Sliced pork, mushroom, bean curd and scallion with miso broth
    1.  Green Salad
    Garden salad with ginger dressing
    2.  Avocado Salad
    Avocado over garden salad with ginger dressing
    3.  Seaweed Salad
    Japanese marinated green seaweed with sesame seeds
    4.  Salmond Skin Salad
    Salmond Skin over garden salad with ginger dressing
    5.  Umi Salad
    Tuna, salmond, white fish, tobiko, and seaweed salad with white radish
    6.  Kani Salad
    Crab stick mixed with spicy mayo and tobiko over spring mix and avocado
    7.  Tataki Salad
    Pepper tuna over spring mix
    8.  King Crab Salad
    King crab salad with avocado and mango puree